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to Lake Gaston HVAC.  Along with our sister company, B&B HVAC, we have been proudly serving Virginia and Maryland since 1997 with professional and affordable heating and air conditioning services.  Effective April 1, 2017 we have added North Carolina to our coverage area!  Licensed and insured, we are here for all of your residential and light commercial needs in the Lake Gaston area of North Carolina and Virginia.


Did You Know...

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  • Some HVAC problems can double your operating costs, increasing your yearly utility bills without reducing your comfort level.
  • Up to 80% of all HVAC compressor failures could be eliminated if the problems that led to the failure were found and eliminated in a timely manner.
  • A Freon (refrigerant) undercharge of only 10% can increase your operating costs by 20% or more.
  • Freon should never need to be replaced; it has no known shelf life. If it must be added every year, there is an expensive leak that should be found and repaired.
  • A dirty evaporator, condenser, or blower wheel could increase electrical usage by 50% or more.
  • Just a 100th of an inch of dirt or film on an evaporator coil can reduce efficiency up to 15%.
  • Undetected and un-repaired small problems often lead to expensive, major repairs.
  • Preventive maintenance plan inspections can find and repair dangerous problems.
  • Insure longer equipment life by getting one of our PMPs (Preventive Maintenance Plan) for your system.
According to studies conducted by the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and Gulf States Utility Company, you can save up to $50 a month on your utility bill by making sure your HVAC system is cleaned and serviced regularly.
The study concluded that proper HVAC maintenance can:


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March 15, 2019 to
May 15, 2019
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"While doing a google search for a reputable HVAC company to replace our 45 year old duct system, I came across Lake Gaston HVAC.  Although I had no reference to their company, I was highly impressed by their advertisement and testimonials.  I gave Pat a call and he responded immediately with an interest for our needs.  After a consultation and thorough explanation of our options, we knew we had found the right person for the job.  Not only did we get our duct system replaced but we opted to replace our old HVAC system as well.
We could not be happier with the results of his work, the new system, and the overall experience!  Pat and Tracy are outstanding in their trade and went above and beyond to see to our needs and make the process as easy as possible.  I highly recommend Pat for his high level of integrity, and concern for his customers.  We have seen a great improvement in the air quality and efficiency of our home.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
Deni & Toby W.
We were in desperate need of a new ac unit installation and was calling everyone in the surrounding area for pricing and other information. When I spoke with Pat of Lake Gaston HVAC he was the fifth person/company I had spoken to. What made us decide this was the company we wanted to do the install was his high level of concern for our needs, his extreme attention to detail, his caring personality and his unbeatable pricing for the level of service we would receive. Pat is very knowledgeable about his products and any others on the market. In our opinion Lake Gaston HVAC is the best company to call for any of your heating and ac problems.

Thank you again Pat we really appreciate such great service! "
Annishe & Wesley L.  Roanoke Rapids, NC
We have been customers of Pat for five years, all of which his service has been above and beyond. After switching to Pat from a large, well-known company who allowed a leak to occur, which damaged our ceiling, we have not had a problem with our system since he took over care. I appreciate Pat’s responsiveness and his willingness to listen to the needs of the customer and strive to meet or exceed those. I also strongly recommend being a contract customer: the discounts really add up and servicing your system twice a year pays for itself. 
Mindy T.
When something goes wrong with your heating/AC system, it is never a good thing. So ideally you look for a service person that will be honest and reliable and give you the best options to meet your needs, and Pat is that person. He only quotes what you need and is transparent with his professional advice. He is always looking to do the right thing by his customers, so they will be customers for life. I could not be happier with my heat pump replacement. He was clean and on time and there was no hidden cost. He is a man of his word; I highly recommend Pat and his staff. Thanks Pat! 

The Thall Family, Swan Point, MD

"I am very pleased with the customer service, quality of the products, and workmanship of B&B HVAC...  You stayed true to your word and your contract and went above and beyond, working late hours and coming back to my home to ensure that all aspects of my new system exceeded my expectations."

Sarah A, King George, VA

"I just wanted to formally thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my husband and me.  We are so happy with the Fujutsu unit you installed in our addition.  It is super quiet and you barely notice it is there.  Above all, your professionlism and knowledge are exemplary.  You really made the process easy from start to finish.  Every experience we have had in your providing HVAC services for us has been a positive one.  Thank you again for the outstanding service!"


Anne T, Leonardtown, MD

"Over the past week, I replaced my entire HVAC system because the system that I had was the original from when my house was built in 2003. Although only 10-years old, the SEER ratings were low and the condenser coils were damaged from time and well, let’s just say poor yard work and poor positioning of the systems in the yard.
I chose B&B HVAC because my neighbors had used them a few years previously and were extremely satisfied with their service. I believe this was probably one of the best choices that I could have made. Pat from B&B HVAC was extremely informative when he came to discuss what type of system I was looking for. He didn’t push one over another, but simply gave me good information to make a choice. The research that I had done prior to meeting with Pat, gave me a good idea as to what I wanted and it was as simple as Pat giving me an estimate or two, which he did.
This past weekend, Pat and his guys (Tim & David) came to install my new HVAC system. They were right on time when they said they were going to be there and went directly to work getting the job done. By the end of the day, I had a new system installed, with the portion in the attic much better than it was before hand.
I’ve set my heat on 68 degrees, and I’m not even sure if these two new units have kicked on or not. It’s not cold in the house, where as before with the old system I knew when the furnace kicked in or when the air-conditioning was running. I am extremely pleased with the job that B&B HVAC did and the performance of my new SEER 20 and SEER 15 units, I would recommend B&B HVAC to anyone.
While the guys were installing my new systems, I even felt comfortable enough to leave the house, on three separate occasions to run some errands. If you decide to upgrade or have any maintenance on your HVAC system – use B&B HVAC – they are honest professionals – someone you’d invite over for dinner!"

David G.

I would like to let everyone know how great Pat is. He was referred to me from a friend of mine. I knew that my equipment was old and would need someone I could trust. When I called Pat about my electric bill in the winter thinking something was wrong with the system he came by. He checked as much as he could and told me I really needed better insulation in my attic. That the Freon seemed fine and he would service it in the spring. 
Well about 6 weeks ago my heat pump went out. He came and worked on it 4 hours to no avail. I had to replace my 14 year old equipment. The trust that I have for Pat and his knowledge is rare it seems these days. He suggested a new unit for my house based on my needs. They came and installed it. They were clean, quick and just fantastic. 
I am extremely happy knowing that B&B HVAC is there when I need them and are very honest. 


Mary Ann, Colonial Beach, VA

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