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PMP - Preventive Maintenance Plan

GOLD PLAN*​​​​​​​​​​
Priority Service. PMP customers ALWAYS get priority response!
Two system checkups per service agreement period.
20% discount on parts, labor, and overtime charges.
No additional overtime costs for emergency repairs.
5% discount or Loyalty Credit balance, whichever is greater on replacement of system.
Balance of PMP transferable to new owner if you sell your home.
$50.00 in Loyalty Credits for each consecutive year of PMP coverage.
$ 269.00 per year Central HP or A/C
$ 325.00 per year Oil, Gas Furnace or Boiler
$ 370.00 Combination Oil/ Gas w/ central HP or A/C

* Additional air filter changes / custom programs available upon request.
* System consists of: Furnace, Boiler or Air Handler and Outdoor Unit.

** Not all services are applicable to every system.
1) Clean heat exchanger & flue/smoke pipe*
2) Clean and check safety controls
3) Lube motors and bearings*
4) Adjust belts and pulleys*
5) Inspect Wiring
6) Check T-Stat
7) Clean Burner*
8) Inspect exposed gas and oil lines
9) Test Fan
10) Take Efficiency Test*
11) Check circulator operation
12) Drain expansion tank*
13) Check temperature/ pressure control
14) Check reducing valve operation
15) Clean condenser coil*
16) Clean blower wheel*
17) Clean accessible evaporator coil*
18) Verify refrigerant charge by super heat/ sub cool method*
19) Replace air filters with customer supplied filters*
20) Check motor amperages
21) Test crankcase heater operation
22) Visually inspect accessible duct work
23) Test defrost
24) Test strip heat
25) Test reversing valve
26) Clean/blow out all accessible condensate drains
27) Maintain permanent written records of all work orders and equipment​​​​​​​​​​
*Denotes "As needed"

Loyalty Credits​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
It is our goal to reward our loyal customers. For each consecutive year you purchase a
Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) you will earn either $75.00 or $50.00 in Loyalty Credits.
You may accumulate a maximum of $500.00 in Loyalty Credits for future equipment purchases.
Credits are non-transferable and only have value toward the purchase of the following equipment
from Lake Gaston HVAC. Only one contract per household may accumulate Loyalty Credits in a given

Hot Water or Steam Boiler $500.00
Burner Replacement $150.00
Water Heater (direct or indirect) $250.00
Central A/C or Heat Pump System $400.00
Warm Air Furnace $400.00 Oil Tank $150.00
Humidifier/Air Filtration System $150.00
Programmable Thermostat $75.00

For each continuous year you maintain a PMP you will be guaranteed the same price!  With continuous yearly renewal you will NEVER face a price increase.  PMP referrals for family and neighbors
will earn you a one year 10% discount.


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