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Available Payment Options


Lake Gaston HVAC is pleased to offer choices to our customers to help in the payment process. We accept both Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Or, you may choose to finance a portion or all of the cost of your new system through Wells Fargo. Your Comfort Consultant will discuss these options with you and provide the appropriate codes/forms needed for the financing packages.

1.     Cash or check


2.     Visa/MasterCard


3.     Financing through Wells Fargo enables you to provide the needed comfort for your home and family without dipping into savings. Visit Wells Fargo to complete the convenient online application.  It's short and can be completed in minutes. Technical support is always available.


With approved credit, financing options include:


  • Regular Revolving Account, Special Terms Financing

  • 3, 6, 9, or 12 Month Financing Programs

  • Special financing




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