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After much thought about how to even out the AC and Heat in our two story house, Pat from Lake Gaston HVAC was contacted and he recommended installing a zoning system. It was a new idea for us. We only had one unit and it was either freezing or hot on each level because the thermostat was located on the upper floor. After installation of the zoning system we still have only have one system but we now have two thermostats. One on each floor. Temperatures are controlled on each floor. It’s been AMAZING !! No one is complaining anymore ! The temperature is regulated and more comfortable for everyone all seasons of the year ! We highly recommend this zoning system deal and it is well worth the money !
-Edward & Becky Baskerville
"Just wanted you to know that the AprilAire and Reme are so awesome! I am in between housekeepers at the moment and had to vacuum myself the other day (ok, you already know I’m a princess, lol). NO GHOST TURDS or dust bunnies anywhere! Amazing! Before my new friend April, there were always some in the corners or under the furniture. None! 
I’m telling all my friends!"
"While doing a google search for a reputable HVAC company to replace our 45 year old duct system, I came across Lake Gaston HVAC.  Although I had no reference to their company, I was highly impressed by their advertisement and testimonials.  I gave Pat a call and he responded immediately with an interest for our needs.  After a consultation and thorough explanation of our options, we knew we had found the right person for the job.  Not only did we get our duct system replaced but we opted to replace our old HVAC system as well.
We could not be happier with the results of his work, the new system, and the overall experience!  Pat and Tracy are outstanding in their trade and went above and beyond to see to our needs and make the process as easy as possible.  I highly recommend Pat for his high level of integrity, and concern for his customers.  We have seen a great improvement in the air quality and efficiency of our home.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
-Deni & Toby W.
We were in desperate need of a new ac unit installation and was calling everyone in the surrounding area for pricing and other information. When I spoke with Pat of Lake Gaston HVAC he was the fifth person/company I had spoken to. What made us decide this was the company we wanted to do the install was his high level of concern for our needs, his extreme attention to detail, his caring personality and his unbeatable pricing for the level of service we would receive. Pat is very knowledgeable about his products and any others on the market. In our opinion Lake Gaston HVAC is the best company to call for any of your heating and ac problems.

Thank you again Pat we really appreciate such great service! "
-Annishe & Wesley L.  Roanoke Rapids, NC
I'd like to thank you for the very professional job that you did with installing my ductless mini-split unit. You not only made sure that the unit was installed properly but you went that extra mile to explain how the unit operates and the proper maintenance for it. I definitely plan to contact you for my future HVAC needs. Again, thank you for a job well done!" 
"I would like to take a moment to sing the praises of B & B HVAC and Pat Borzi.  Based on Pat’s recommendation, we recently replaced our Trane XL 14i 2-ton heat pump system with a brand spanking new Trane XV 20 3-ton heat pump system.  What an unbelievable performance improvement we have seen!  We have now been able to set the thermostat 2 degrees higher (from 72 to 74) and because the new system is so much more efficient the house actually feels cooler and does a much better job of maintaining the temperature around the clock.  The new system is so quiet that at times we are uncertain if it is even tuned on and running (it is of course)!  Pat has been our HVAC go-to-guy for many years and has always treated us fairly and provided up-to-date and accurate recommendations.  If you are looking to upgrade your current heat pump system, I can definitely recommend the Trane XV 20 system as well as Pat’s personal expertise and knowledge to get the job done the right way.  Definitely a 5-star person and company!!!!!!
Thanks for everything!"



"I wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did, on a Sunday to boot. I found your company on, and you called the very next morning ready to help.You took the time to walk my wife and I through all of the options based on the condition of our current system and never pushed a more expensive choice over another once we decided. Your teams thoughtfulness in prepping all the high-traffic areas to maintain cleanliness, especially with the condition of the upper air handler made clean up unnecessary and very much appreciated.You have been helpful through every step and with such a large investment we couldn't ask for anything more. Your sign will be up proudly in my yard, and I'll tell whoever needs an HVAC company that B&B HVAC is the one to call.

Jason and Terri A.

"I would like to take this opportunity to share the experience we had with B&B HVAC.  Bottom 
line upfront, when it comes to HVAC systems, Pat Borzi is the man! 
It was early in June and weather temperature had started to rise when one of our 7-year old 
Trane systems failed.  I called more than a few local contractors and Pat was the only one who 
made the effort to come and check our system the same day.  Pat made an initial assessment of 
the problem and provided options for us to consider including pros and cons and how much the 
costs would be.  During the process of adding more Freon, Pat realized a bigger problem that 
would eventually require replacement of a new system.  Needless to say, I have seen better 
days.  Pat thoroughly explained to me what he had tried to do and what he found out that led 
to his assessment of a much bigger problem.  He gave me cost estimates of the project and 
again with the pros and cons to consider in making our decision.  I would point out that Pat did 
not charge me for the service call and the cost of adding and recovering the Freon.  He said it 
would not be right to charge me since he was not able to fix it.  Most impressive, he advised me 
to get a second opinion and look around.  During the following days, Pat patiently answered all 
my questions and after looking at all other options, we made the decision of going with B&B 
HVAC.  If anything, my wife and I were equally impressed with Pat’s knowledge of the HVAC 
system and his ability to explain in a manner that is easy to follow and understand.  I would say 
that I learned a lot about HVAC systems within a few days of going back and forth with Pat.  The 
0% financing through Wells Fargo was a great thing to have as well.
Unfortunately, Pat’s schedule was fully booked until about another couple of weeks.  Pat 
offered to loan us a window A/C unit for temporary cooling relief until the new system is 
installed.  Fortunately, he found one available and came over the house later that night and 
helped me set up the window unit.  It surely made a difference in keeping ourselves cooler 
during the following days.  Pat and his crew of Timmy and Dereck came on a Saturday and did 
not waste any time to remove the old system and install the new one.  These are good guys 
who are serious about their job.  They put plastic sheets all over the work location and areas of 
foot traffic.  They were highly organized and it is quite obvious that the install was well planned 
and executed.  It seems that the whole event went smoothly without a hitch or any moments of 
confusion.  The job took at least 5-6 hours or maybe a bit more.  After which, Pat took the time 
to go over the new system and gave helpful tips on running it more efficiently.  By the way, Pat 
installed an additional register in my closet at no additional cost.  I would strongly endorse Pat 
Borzi to anybody looking to install/upgrade to a new HVAC system and for service as well.  I 
look forward to B&B servicing our HVAC system."

Ed P.

"With a major winter storm descending on your area, the prospect of having to replace a failed heating/cooling system, just before Christmas, with all of the attendant aggravation & unseemly cost, is one of those nightmare scenarios homeowners dread.
This was the exact scenario my wife & I faced when a friend recommended that I call Mr. Pat Borzi of B & B HVAC.
Pat arrived at our house only a couple of hours after I contacted him. He quickly diagnosed a failing 20-year-old compressor and presented me with three options. He carefully explained the pros & cons of each option and their respective cost with a simple logic that made our decision to replace the entire system an easy one. After we agreed on a very reasonable price, Pat ordered our new system.
Only four days after our initial meeting, Pat arrived with another mechanic and the new equipment to replace our system. The entire job took only 7 hours. It was immediately obvious that Mr. Borzi was extremely organized and that he planned his jobs well, as work flowed from one phase to the next without interruption – no head scratching, no running around looking for the right tools, not even a coffee break – these two men worked silently without stopping until all the equipment had been installed and tested. They made no mess and created no distraction. When the new system was turned on, everything worked perfectly.
Pat showed us how to operate the new system. He cleaned up the work sites, removed all of the plastic sheeting from the floors, loaded up all of the components from the old system, delivered our owner’s manual and final paperwork, and told me he would personally register our system with the manufacturer to activate the warranty.
This was a major job, but had a minor impact on our household. This was a totally stress-free experience, which usually is not the case for such a major job. At no time did I feel that I was being pressured or misled to make decisions about the job or the cost. Mr. Borzi was consistently courteous, informative, honest, and the consummate professional in all of his dealings with us. I highly recommend Mr. Borzi to anyone who’s thinking about installing or repairing a heating/cooling system. You won’t find a better, more competent, more honest person. It truly was a pleasure to work with him."


Paul H. King George, Virginia

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the timely and professional installation of our new heat pump system. 
When our system went down we were faced with the prospect of having no air conditioning when we would be having our daughter's birthday the next day.  When we called you there was no hesitation on your part to let us know that you could make it happen.  Many other contractors would have taken advantage of our situation by recommending an overpriced system that would not meet our needs.  You quickly evaluated our system, took into account the preexisting conditions at our home, and recommended the new Gibson system that was an upgrade from our old one, but also provided a fair price.
The next day when you came for the installation, my wife was impressed with the fact that ou insisted on rolling out sheets of plastic to ensure that our carpeting would not be damaged.  Within a few hours the new system was installed and once you saw that everything was working properly, cleaned up your stuff and left the area in the same condition it was before you got there.  Needless to say we were happy that we would now have air conditioning for our daughter's party.
Once again, we would like to thank you for the time you took to help us out in an emergency situation.  We wish you the best of luck in the future"

​ Chris L, La Plata, MD

"New house, cheap builder’s grade equipment and installation pretty much sums it up.  Builder had cut a little bit of a corner you could say. I had a pregnant wife and our main 3ton unit was, for lack of a better word, a clunker.  Thinking further down the road I would have a new baby and a wife that just gave birth in August heat.  So I asked what it would cost to upgrade and get a dependable system I wouldn’t get nickel and dimed to death on each year and possibly lower my heating/cooling costs.  I asked about a TRANE system.

I am a Certified Trane dealer and installer was the response. 

B&B showed me the figures for a full turn key 3ton Trane system.  There wasn’t a question I could ask that B&B couldn’t answer.   On top of it, Trane offered three years no interest financing and I get a 1500 Uncle Sam tax credit. 

I am going from a 13 seer very energy inefficient clunker to the 20 seer Trane Cadillac. 

My equipment arrives in a few days and knowing we are without AC at the time.  The B&B boys come out on Mothers day morning.  First thing I noticed was the size of the outdoor unit.  This is easily triple the size of our previous unit.  I can tell right from the start I am getting what I paid for.  The Trane system was built with quality in mind and you can tell that from the construction of the unit. 

The B&B guys finished with the install of the indoor and outdoor units by noon and we were ready to start up the system.  First thing I asked when I went around the side of the house was.  When do we turn the system on?  I was astounded when the guys replied, it was on.  There was no loud noisy fan gyrating next to my house.  We were talking in a normal tone and we were standing next to the unit.  A few minutes later the upstairs unit kicked on and wow, very loud.  You just can’t compare.  It is like a Cadillac parked next to a beat up pinto.

Currently it is June and we have had 90+ degree days for the past two weeks.  Some days the heat index is past 100.  Our old system would have struggled with this kind of heat.  Not this system, our house is nice and cool.

We will be replacing the upstairs unit ASAP using B&B. 

As of right now we are in January and I have had the new system in for over a six month time period.

Cooling costs dropped over $100+ during the hot months.  Heating costs have gone down by the same amount as well during the winter.  The system is basically paying for itself."

​Charles S, King George, VA

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Trane system! The installation was quick and easy, and you and your staff did a phenomenal job. You came highly recommended by several people, and I can see why. Your crew did a great job of keeping everything very clean and organized. The installation looks amazing. The house is much more comfortable than it has ever been. Plus, the system is so quiet I don’t even know when it is running. Thanks again, and see you for our fall service!  Jonathan
We cannot thank you enough for the level of service and support that you have provided to our family."


"Pat, from B&B HVAC was recommended by a friend who is a contractor.  Judging by that fact I figured he must be a good choice so we called.  He immediately answered his phone and we set up an appointment.
He scheduled the installation of the totally new unit on a Sunday morning at 8:00 am. and amazingly came in below a quote for the same unit given by someone else years earlier. I didn’t really believe he would be there on a Sunday, none the less at 8:00 in the morning, but as our clock struck 8 that Sunday morning, he pulled into our driveway.  By 3:00 pm that afternoon he was packing up his tools and heat was flowing throughout our home.
We have never experienced service such as Pat’s.  He was very professional and personable, his work was  thorough and expertly performed, even taking special care not to damage our wood floors.
I whole heartedly recommend Pat at B&B HVAC to any one in need of a new heat pump.  I just wish he did more."

Richard R.

"Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with the recent installation of our heat pump system. From the first service call, to the replacement quote and then to the installation, top notch professional service! I highly recommend B&BHVAC. Thank you!

Doreen M.

We wanted to take a few moments to formally thank you for installing a new heat pump and air handler into our home. You and your staff were courteous, pleasant and hard working. We especially appreciated the lengths to which you went to help avoid scratching and tearing up our floors. 


Also, it was very comforting to know that- if we needed you-we only needed to call. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and associates. Thank you for your outstanding service and professionalism. We feel better now that we have a trusted person to call.


Thanks again for taking care of us!"


John and Mary C.

"We just wanted to thank you for all you did for us when we had issues with our heat pump.  The AC unit froze up in July of course, and we had no cooling at all.  You were so quick in answering our service call, and repairing the problem, that we were comfortable in no time.  What was particularly helpful, was the time you took to explain some basics to us, so we could properly maintain our system.  We also understood the ramifications of having a system that was not efficient enough for our large house. 

Unfortunately, our system was 10 years old, and something else went wrong.  Again, your quick response to our problem was appreciated.  This time as you tested to correctly diagnose the problems, you also explained to us about how much harder this not so efficient system has had to work for 10 years, heating and cooling a home with insufficient duct work.  You gave us several options and loads of information.

We made the decision then to install an efficient system, and correct the duct work problems.  The unit was ordered and received within 3 days, and you came early on a Saturday – 7:00 AM – and stayed 12 hours installing the new system, and creating efficiency zones.  We had also planned and started a new leveled area for the outside unit, but due to our time constraints, were unable to finish our project – so you did!!

We want to thank you for going above and beyond for us.  We appreciate your responsiveness, your expertise and your professionalism."

​ Jay and Kelley F, VA

"Thank you for wonderful job well done.  I'm an old lady, but I know the difference in a slap shot job and a job well done.  You and Robbie fall under that second category, also your understanding of my financial situation.

My granddaughter thanks you too."

Mary S, King George, VA

"I just wanted to formally thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my husband and me.  We are so happy with the Fujitsu unit you installed in our addition.  It is super quiet and you barely notice it is there.

Above all, your professionalism and knowledge are exemplary.  You really made the process easy from start to finish.  Every experience we have had in your providing HVAC services for us has been a positive one.

Thank you again for the outstanding service!"

Anne T, Leonardtown, MD

"I am writing to give you an update on the new heat pump system you recently installed at our house.  First, I want to again thank you for installing this system on such short notice because we were having out-of-town guest over the 4th of July holiday.  To have the old system removed, the new system deliviered and installed in three days was truly remarkable.  Thank you again.
Now for the update!  Linda and I are both impressed that we cannot hear the unit run.  More importantly, your estimation that the 16 SEER unit is more efficient was an understatement!  When I got my power bill last week, I was truly impressed to find that we used 100 kilowatts less this July than the same period last year!  As you assured us, we have begun to recover my investment already!  Truly amazing!
Linda and I cannot thank you enough for your continued prompt, courteous and professional service."

Michael C, King George, VA

"I just wanted to thank you and to update you on the new Trane system that you installed last summer.  The unit works great and is the quietest one that I have NOT heard.  I guess you don't realize some of the things that you take for granted until something happens, especially at the height of summer.
We were very pleased with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm that you displayed during our experience last summer.  Our air conditioning unit decided to fail at the height of the summer, a week before we were to head to the beach for our family vacation.  Well, can I just say that nothing was going to stop us from taking our vacation, A/C or no A/C.  What made this experience so wonderful was that you were able to install the new system (in the rain, no less) while we were on vacation, on short notice.  This not only allowed us to come home to a nice cool home, but we were able to focus on our family vacation without the worry of having to deal with the hassle of installing a new A/C unit.
We cannot thank you enough for the level of service and support that you have provided to our family."

Rob H, Fredericksburg, VA

"I would have never believed my brand new HVAC system would have failed in just 5 short years, but that is exactly what happened.  I woke up to an unusual odor (2 days after Christmas) and called my propane company thinking I had a gas leak.  Much to my surprise it was CO2 and furnace fumes backing up into my house making my family sick. They shut my heating system completely off.   Not knowing who to call, the propane technician recommended Pat Borzi.  I gave him a call and he was here the next day.  He assessed the situation and found our 2 zone furnace’s were never properly installed and were full of water.  At this point, being told my furnaces had to be replace, I was somewhat skeptical, however Pat  seemed so knowledgeable and really took the time to thoroughly look at my system.  He came back the next day to go over everything again with my husband.  He even showed us the installation manual and advised us of what mistakes were made by the first installation.  By that evening we had an estimate and he was working at our pace to get us a replacement system as quickly as possible as it was approaching the New Year holiday.  He saved what he could and only replaced what he had to trying to save us some money.  He was great.  I felt confident right from the start about his expertise and knew he was the man for the job.
He worked with contractors of our choice on our behalf to make sure the prep work was done properly and even took the time to meet them at my home.  He dedicated his time to this job over and above what I would have expected.   He completed the installation which was no easy task as our home is over 150 yrs. old and the furnaces are in the attic, accessed only by a ladder.    He worked until the job was complete which was approximately 14 hours.  He came across many problems with the original installation and fixed each one.  He was accessible throughout the following week for each and every question and made several visits to my home to make some minor adjustments.  He always took my call and greeted me with a smile on his face. 
I trust Pat completely and would recommend him highly.  He knows his craft and is great at it.  I would not have anyone else work on my HVAC system."

Carol G.

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